Current Gallery Exhibit


Selections from 1977 to 2011

Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission

Celebrating Dane County’s 175th Anniversary in 2011


the Commission’s community service spanning over three decades.  


In the late 1970’s, the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission produced its first art 
poster, a modest attempt, but one which spawned an enormously popular annual series that
continues today.  Every year thousands of posters highlighting artwork created by Dane
County and Wisconsin artists are distributed to the public through area municipal halls,
framing partners, and the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission Office.
Posters spring up everywhere. New and old editions can be spotted countywide in such 
disparate places as town halls, medical clinics, school classrooms, nursing homes,
neighborhood centers, grocery stores, college dorms rooms, libraries, village police stations,
classy downtown Madison offices, and even on a rustic outhouse wall. Many venture farther
afield. One year several posters even found their way onto the California set of a nationally 
televised sitcom to help create an “authentic” Wisconsin backdrop.  Every year many posters
travel with county residents across the country and around the globe, serving as gifts for
foreign hosts representing the good life here at home.
Although the style and content have changed since the Commission launched its first
edition, each poster in the series was designed by Phil Hamilton, emeritus professor of art 
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Through the years poster distribution has been
graciously assisted by the Office of Dane County Treasurer.
            The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission expresses gratitude to its longtime friend,
Alliant Energy, which as remained a strong and valued corporate sponsor of the annual art 
poster project. Alliant Energy also awarded generous financial support for this retrospective
poster exhibition.  Framing services were provided by Monroe Street Framing.


Room 421, City-County Building
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Madison 53703

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