Willy Street Support Network


Hey everyone!

We could use your help! As we get ready to re-open the Willy Street Pantry, we wanted to let you know about the rest of our community support efforts. In addition to the Pantry, we’ve been building our capacity to respond to neighbors in times of crisis, offering resources, care and connection. Together, with neighbors, volunteers and local groups, we’re hoping to foster more opportunities for Willy Street area residents to share and give when they can, and to find support when they need it. Plus, we are working on neighborhood-level rapid response and conflict resolution to be a part of making our community safer and more just for all of us.

We’re calling all these this the “Willy Street Support Network” and we’d love for you to get involved. Check back regularly to see which items we need this week, and follow the Social Justice Center and Willy Street Pantry on facebook for updates!

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Learn More:

Head to the Projects section of our website to learn more about the Willy Street Support Network, including the Willy Street Pantry.

Visit our in-kind donation page to learn more about what kinds of items we’re looking for.

Fill out our volunteer form to get involved.

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