Projects We Sponsor

Free the 350 Bail Fund

The Free The 350 Bail Fund seeks to prioritize bailing out Black people incarcerated in the Dane County jail system, and also seeks to end the unjust and antiquated prison and jail system in general. Prison abolition is the ultimate goal, free them all!

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Homelessness Restorative Justice Project

The Homelessness Restorative Justice Project (HRJ) is geared toward breaking the cycle of tickets, arrest warrants, jail time, and resulting negative life impacts that was resulting from Madison’s criminalization of homelessness. HRJ is a partnership between Kabba Recovery Services and the Madison Mutual Aid Network.

In Pursuit of Justice

In Pursuit of Justice was started by a group of concerned community members who are determined to see justice pursued, giving rise to the name for this campaign. Their goal is to hold Matt Kenny accountable by filing a petition to charge him with reckless homicide in the death of Tony Robinson. IPOJ is raising money for attorney fees and other legal and administrative costs.

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Abolition Apostles

Abolition Apostles is a free, volunteer-based abolitionist pen-palling organization supporting incarcerated by building relationships, as well as material support and advocacy.

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Get It Right Educators Co-op

Get It Right Educators Co-op is a worker-owned cooperative that provides educational staff to democratically-committed schools and learning spaces. Get It Right is the grand experiment: giving power to teachers and seeing where the best choices can go. Get It Right dreams of a new world and prepares for it.

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Care to Share

The goal of Care to Share is to connect extra resources with people who need them. We will collect furniture and household goods, store them, and then share them with community members entering housing. Especially those exiting homelessness, outfitting a home is a financial and logistic burden. Care to Share will alleviate that burden as much as we can.