Willy Street Pantry

SJC's Food & Essentials Pantry

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The Willy Street Pantry is a free food and essentials pantry that relies on donations from generous community members and partnerships with amazing local organizations. Nonperishable food items are stored in the outdoor pantry at the corner of Williamson Street and Few Street and are available 24-7. 

The pantry is open for walk-ins during our weekly “open hours” — see the schedule below of days and times. This is when you can access packs of diapers, toiletries, move-in kits, and household items are also available Wednesday afternoons and pick up requests made through our online form. 

In a rush? Check out our outdoor pantry on the corner of Willy & Few. Also, there are some basic essentials (hygiene products, snacks etc.) in our “Lil Essentials Pantry” next to the front desk in the Community Resource Hub. These are available for you to help yourself whenever the building is open.


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Donating items to the Pantry

Want to donate supplies?

thank you !!!

Our pantry program relies on donations to keep our inventory stocked for families in need. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

For information on which items to donate, including kinds of items in short supply, our current greatest needs, ways to donate and acceptance criteria, check out our Wish List page. 

How to Donate Supplies

Option 1: Place items in outside pantry any time. 

If you are eager to share your extra supplies ASAP (on your schedule) and do NOT need a donation receipt, feel free to place these kinds of directly in the pantry outside SJC anytime:

  • Nonperishable, shelf-stable food items and beverages
  • Unopened, unused toiletries
  • Household items, such as cleaning supplies and paper products

Option 2: Order from our Online Wishlists

When you order from one of our online supply lists, you don’t need to contact us ahead of time and the drop-off/delivery is all taken care of for you. Items donated this way will receive a tax receipt for the donation unless they are made anonymously. 

Option 3: Contact us to arrange a drop-off time

At the moment, we do not have a designated donation drop-off times. If you would like a donation receipt, have larger/bulk items and/or want to ensure your donation is distributed equitably to those in need through our program, please e-mail the SJC at frontdesk@socialjusticecenter.org or call the Center at 608-227-0206 in advance to arrange for a smooth delivery. 

Items that can do directly in the pantry anytime:

Items that should not go in the pantry:

Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions of any size are also very welcome. They allow for direct purchase of in-demand, less-frequently-donated items, such as toiletries, and for filling gaps in donations of more regularly-contributed items. To make a monetary contribution, please visit the pantry donation page.

At present, we are not currently accepting cash donations for the pantry, nor will anyone authorized to represent the SJC be soliciting donations on the street or going door to door. If at some point in the future this changes, official volunteers will be wearing SJC-issued ID badges and will be carrying informational literature about the pantry program that includes SJC contact information.

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