Introducing: Care to Share

New Project Announcement!

Hey everyone! We want to introduce you to a new program we are “incubating” or sponsoring called Care to Share.


Well, new isn’t exactly the most accurate word, since Adrienne, lead pantry coordinator for our Willy Street Pantry and all around volunteer/organizer extraordinaire for the Willy Street Support Network, has been building and envisioning Care to Share for a long time. We’ll soon have a dedicated page for Care to Share (and the other projects we sponsor!) where you can learn a lot more and stay up to date. For now, we want to share a few words from Adrienne on what Care to Share is all about.

What is Care to Share?

The goal of Care to Share is to connect extra resources with people who need them. We will collect furniture and household goods, store them, and then share them with community members entering housing. For many people (especially those exiting homelessness), outfitting a home is a financial and logistic burden. Care to Share will alleviate that burden as much as we can.

When someone makes an appointment with Care to Share, they’ll be able to select whatever they can use from all available items. A volunteer will help load, transport, and then unload their selections. In this way, a little bit of the burden is lifted.

I’m very passionate about my community and about resource distribution. Care to Share is a way for me to merge these two passions into one project, but I need community support to make it happen.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate money. This will be used to cover storage costs, fuel expenses for volunteers, and the purchase of new items to provide move-in kits (e.g. paper goods, household cleaners, laundry supplies, etc).

2. Donate items. Functional, clean, and good quality household goods/furniture are greatly needed. *We are in the process of securing space to store items and will announce as soon as we are ready to accept items!*

3. Donate time. Volunteers are needed to transport goods to and from storage.

By working together as a community, we can further help support and uplift some of our vulnerable populations.

To learn more, contribute or get involved caretoshare@socialjusticecenter.org.

Hiya, Annie from the SJC again here. Please, please share the Care to Share donation page and give what you can so we can get this project off the ground!

Click the button below to donate and share this link: bit.ly/caretoshare-sjc.

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