Volunteer at SJC

We’re looking for volunteers to join our team! First and foremost, the SJC is seeking “greeters,” a very important role that will help keep things running smoothly and connect more community members to support.

  • Welcoming visitors, helping them find their way around the SJC and directing them toward the organization they are looking for

  • Assisting SJC staff with administrative and operations-related activities, as well as community outreach

  • Meeting with community members coming to the SJC to learn more about their ideas, concerns or urgent needs in order to help them navigate resources available to them and get connected to the right folks.

  • Participate in Community Support & Conflict Transformation Task Force activities (what’s that, you ask? Good question! Learn more here!!)

There are also specialized skill-sets we could use for occasional events and projects, such as:

  • Repairs/maintenance, handywork

  • Childcare

  • Gardening

  • IT (onsite troubleshooting and/or coding/development of new open-source projects)

Contact Annie, at annie@socialjusticecenter.org to get involved today.

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