March 2020: Events and Highlights

March 2020

Tenant Resource Center News

TRC is excited to welcome 3 new staff members to the team: Sarah Batarfi, LaToya Greer, and Zachary Olson.

TRC will also be hosting a series of learning opportunities on alternating Fridays, from 1-3pm in the SJC community room — see the SJC calendar for more info!


Dane County TimeBank Updates


Please welcome Araceli Esparza, Communication and Exchange Coordinator

Araceli Esparza’s mission is to break the isolation of Latina women living in the Midwest. With close to 10 years of being a cultural bridge for many local organizations, she has built a reputation for organizing engaging events that foster community and continue building change. Trained as a storyteller with a unique background in digital organizing, communications, strategic planning provides agencies with advantages to cultivating authentic relationships with their audiences.



Please Welcome Ryan Eykholt, Transportation Coordinator

Ryan Eykholt grew up in Madison, attending West High School. Ryan studied Media Studies at Vassar College and joined the experimental master of arts program University of the Underground at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. With interests in community outreach, Ryan is very excited to join the TimeBank team and to learn new ways to meet member needs. 


Restorative Justice Work and Upcoming Events

We’ve got a lot going on with many upcoming opportunities to learn about our restorative justice work. From the Restorative Justice Open House to the Community Lab for Intentional Practices Sessions to the Transformative Action Network Potluck, there’s all kinds of opportunities happening. Check out their  events page on their website for details and feel free to reach out to Restorative Justice Director, Damita Brown, to learn more. damita@danecountytimebank.org. You can also see these events on the SJC website too.


608 Arts presents…Madison’s Got Imaginators!

not your normal art gallery night – this time we’re creating the art together!

Bring your friends, family and fans! Sign up for 3 rounds of Art Making, Word Creation, and Art Trivia. Winners of creation categories elected by a jury of every voter in the room! Prizes for top three Imaginator teams. 608 Arts provides the supplies and the inspirations to make a day of living art. Snacks and beverages included for makers and for voters – Free and Kid Friendly! Register your team of 3-5 people of any age by contacting 608 Arts at 608Arts@gmail.com or on Facebook at 608 Arts. See the event on the SJC website here.



Progressive Dane & No F-35s



CGBC Has Got You Covered for Tax Season


Checking in with ReCreate

Shout out to a dreamer with ReCreate ! Jason found employment and housing and shows up every week to ReCreate better then before!

ReCreate will be adding a new paint class called abundance painting combined with a light meditation in the beginning , then painting what we saw in meditation. This is when the magic comes in….not only do we paint what we saw , we will also put your star system in there with lights ReCreate provides you. In the back of the painting is where we turn on the magic that lights up your star! It’s your light intent clearly written out as you wish⭐

This class is reserved ahead of time and once everyone is present we request no cell phones and no interruptions for 2 hours other then 4 scheduled rests in between. There is room for 11 people. DREAMERS with ReCreate recieve this for free. This class is 50.00 comes with canvas and lights. Class will be starting Sat 8pm to 10pm March 28th and adding lights sat April 4th 8pm to 10pm. To reserve your spot you must pay in advance and reserve through facebook – contact Kacy Zander for more information.

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