Checking in during Quarantine & COVID-19

Hey everyone, we know things are crazy and scary right now. A lot of places we depend on like schools, services and stores are closing or limiting hours to prevent further spreading of COVID-19. So not only are folks concerned about the virus, but many of us are worried about how to make ends meet, or how they’ll feed their families or where they’ll sleep tonight.

But there are also a lot of people springing into action to make sure resources are still accessible to the community and finding ways to support each other. The SJC intends to provide everything we can as a part of this effort.

We know how important connection is when everywhere else is closing, but we want to ensure that we aren’t further risking community members’ health and well-being by staying open. We must do our due diligence and ensure we have the taken the necessary steps to maintain public health and safety at our facilities. Latest updates (as of 3/18/20, 11:00am)

  • If there is a change in SJC hours, including those of the SJC member organizations in the building – you will be able to find that out by checking our website and facebook page. At the moment, the changes to programming are as follows:

    • The Social Justice Center’s doors are temporarily closed to the public except for special events and activities. We are in the process of determining how to hold limited hours for those without nowhere to “self-isolate” or urgent needs due to limited capacity of regular service providers. We hope to have updates this afternoon, email or call at the SJC in the meantime if this is you.

    • For all things Tenant Resource Center, stay tuned via this page, updates will be posted as they happen – they are no longer taking walk-ins at either the SJC or campus office, but are still taking calls for housing, campus housing and tenant/landlord questions as normal at through their call back system at (608) 257-0006.

    • Dane County TimeBank is making their timebanking platform more accessible and the sign process faster and easier, check their website for updates soon. You can still join now, but more resources will be posted shortly on how to use the timebank to offer and request help.

    • The Mutual Aid Workspace is closed to the public outside of events and activities, but there will be daily web meeting/phone calls you can join – check out the Madison MAN’s website and facebook page for more info.

    • LGBT Books to Prisoners has cancelled all volunteer sessions until mid-April, check their facebook page for updates

    • Wisconsin Books to Prisoners have cancelled volunteer sessions temporarily as well.

    • Progressive Dane’s GMM next Wednesday 3/25 has been cancelled. All meetings will be virtual.

We will post more updates soon, for now, if you’re looking for support or to get involved with the quarantine and covid response efforts, here are some resources to get you started

My hope is that we will have an update Monday with what to expect from the SJC for the foreseeable future, if you have an idea on how to help or have urgent needs, and you’ve tried the resources I listed above, feel free to shoot me a message at hello@socialjusticecenter.org, and hopefully we’ll have more answers soon. You’re all a treasured part of our community, and we at the SJC want to do all we can during this time of uncertainty to keep supporting each other as we work for a more just world.

In solidarity,

Annie Kraus

Director, Social Justice Center

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