Essentials Pantry Closed to Walk-ins Temporarily

Until further notice, the Willy Street Pantry’s open hours are cancelled. Formerly on Wednesday afternoons, we are no longer offering the option to drop in and shop in the essentials pantry. We are pausing this temporarily as we reorganize and replenish our inventory, train new volunteers, and build our capacity to provide essentials on a consistent basis. Check back later in the Summer for an update on when we expect to restart the open pantry hours.

For now, the essentials pantry is only available as follows:

  • ONLINE: submit a request through our online form at bit.ly/willystrequest

  • DURING SJC’s BUSINESS HOURS: Some assorted essentials will be available in our “Lil Essentials Pantry” in the reception area (by the front desk, enter on Willy Street).

  • Check the pantry outside our building on the corner of Williamson and Few streets.

The free food giveaway, organized by Healthy Food for All, will continue on Wednesday afternoons as usual.

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